Cervicogenic Headaches
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What are cervicogenic Headaches?

Cervicogenic headaches are a type of headache that originates from the cervical spine (neck) and can often be traced back to issues with the neck and its structures. These headaches are characterised by pain that typically starts in the neck and then radiates to the back of the head and sometimes to the front, causing discomfort and tension.

What are the common causes of cervicogenic Headaches?

Poor posture: Prolonged periods of poor posture, especially when working on a computer or looking down at a phone, can contribute to neck issues and subsequently trigger headaches.

Neck injuries: Previous injuries, such as whiplash or trauma to the neck, can lead to cervicogenic headaches.

Degenerative disorders: Conditions like osteoarthritis can contribute to the development of cervicogenic headaches.

Chiropractic Care for Cervicogenic Headaches

Chiropractic care is a non-invasive, drug-free approach to treating various musculoskeletal issues, including cervicogenic headaches. Chiropractors focus on the relationship between the spine and nervous system, working to improve the overall function of the body.

What to Expect During Chiropractic Treatment:


A thorough examination, including a review of medical history and possibly imaging studies, helps the chiropractor understand the specific factors contributing to cervicogenic headaches.

Personalised Treatment Plan

Based on the evaluation, a personalised treatment plan is developed to target the individual’s unique needs and condition.

Progress Monitoring

Regular follow-up appointments allow the chiropractor to monitor progress, make adjustments to the treatment plan if necessary, and educate the patient on preventive measures.

How Our Chiropractic Care Helps:

Chiropractic care offers a holistic and natural approach to relieving cervicogenic headaches by addressing the underlying issues in the cervical spine. If you’re experiencing persistent headaches or neck pain, get in touch and see how we can help.

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