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Your First Chiropractic Visit Explained


By Head Chiropractor- Nick Grier


I’m glad you’re thinking about chiropractic care to help improve your health. I’m a member of the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), and I’m here to make your experience as positive and effective as possible. Let’s walk through what your first visit to my clinic will look like.

Before Your Visit

Before you come in, you’ll need to fill out some forms about your health history. This helps me understand what you need and how I can best help you.

Pre-Appointment Prep

Eating a light, protein-rich snack and drinking plenty of water before your appointment helps prepare your body for treatment. A short walk to loosen up your muscles and joints can also be super helpful.

The First Step: Consultation

When you arrive, we’ll start with a chat. I’ll ask about your health, your daily routine, and any specific problems you’re facing. This chat is a good time for you to tell me everything that’s on your mind health-wise. Expect some basic tests like walking and bending. Occasionally I may refer you for X-Ray so that we can see what’s happening inside. This helps me understand your condition better and plan your treatment.


Next, I’ll check out how you move, your posture, and other physical tests. These tests help me figure out exactly how to help you. You do not need to undress for your examination, but we would recommend that you wear something that you are comfortable in and that allows us to easily examine you.

Diagnosis and Treatment Plan

After checking everything, I’ll prepare your report of findings. This will take some time to you will be asked back for a separate appointment. During this next appointment I will explain what I found and how it’s affecting you. We’ll then put together a plan for your treatment. This plan will include how often you should come in and what kinds of treatment you’ll get. It’s all about what works for you and your health goals.

During Your Treatment

In the treatment sessions, I’ll work on adjusting your body to help fix the problems. Some people hear a pop or crack during the process—it’s just air escaping from your joints, and it’s perfectly normal. We will always plan a treatment that suits you, your condition, age and health situation.

After Your Visit

After the treatment, I’ll give you some tips on exercises or lifestyle changes to help keep you on track. Following these tips is a big part of getting better and staying that way.

Questions? Fire Away!

Got questions during your visit? Please ask. Understanding your treatment and what each step is for helps you feel more in control and relaxed.

Wrapping Up

Coming in for your first chiropractic visit is a big step towards taking care of your health, and I’m here to help you on that journey. We’ll work together to get you feeling better and living healthier.

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New patient appointments currently available for chiropractic and sports massage this week ・ New patient appointments currently available for chiropractic and sports massage this week ・ New patient appointments currently available for chiropractic and sports massage this week

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