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Why you need to stand up to sitting down


This month on 27 April  it’s On Your Feet Britain Day so I want to chat about the importance of incorporating more movement into our daily routine, especially for those of us who spend much of our day seated.

Why Sitting Less Matters

Did you know the average person in the UK sits for about 8.9 hours each day?  Extensive research, as highlighted by Get Britain Standing, reveals that sitting for over four hours daily can trigger a series of health issues  like back pain, increased blood pressure, and a higher risk of chronic conditions such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes. As your chiropractor, I often see the effects of a sedentary lifestyle, and it’s clear that a bit more movement could make a big difference in our overall health.

The Benefits of Moving More

Moving regularly throughout the day isn’t just good for your physical health; it also enhances your mental focus and mood. Even small changes, like standing up to take phone calls or taking a brief walk during breaks, can help increase your activity level and improve your health.

Tips for Active Working

Here are some friendly suggestions to help you sit less and move more, particularly during the workday:

  1. Embrace Break Breaks: If you are sat at a desk all day, try and get up every 20 minutes and if you can make it a point to stand up, stretch, or take a short walk every hour. It’s a great way to refresh your mind and body.
  2. Rethink Meetings: Try standing or walking meetings. They can make discussions more dynamic and give you a healthy dose of activity.
  3. Desk Exercises: There are simple stretches and exercises you can do right at your desk to keep your muscles active and prevent stiffness. Look out on our socials as we will be sharing some soon!
  4. After-work Activities: Post-work, why not go for a walk, cycle, or try a relaxing yoga session? It’s a wonderful way to decompress and stay active.
  5. Set Achievable Goals: Begin with small, manageable activity targets to build a healthier routine gradually, avoiding any strain or discomfort. 

Why Active Working Makes Sense

Active working isn’t just a trend; it’s about making conscious choices to enhance our health and well-being. By adopting more active habits, we can boost our energy levels, improve our job satisfaction, and enhance our physical health.

So, let’s stand up (literally) and embrace a more active lifestyle. It’s a simple step that can lead to a healthier, happier you. If you’d like more advice on this, talk to me about it at your next appointment.


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