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Why Chiropractic & Massage go hand in hand


Hello! I’m Roisin O’Brien from the massage team at Hagley Road Chiropractic Clinic. In today’s blog, we’ll explore the wonderfully complementary nature of massage therapy and chiropractic care. These two approaches can team up to provide you with holistic health benefits, addressing both your muscles and your bones in a way that feels great and does wonders for your well-being.

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The Perfect Pair: Massage and Chiropractic Care

1. Enhancing Each Other’s Effects:
Why choose between massage and chiropractic care when you can have the best of both? Here’s how they work better together:

  • Prep and Follow-up: Getting a massage before a chiropractic adjustment can loosen you up and make the adjustment smoother and more effective. Afterwards, a massage helps keep everything in place, ensuring the benefits last longer.
  • Lasting Alignment: Relaxed muscles support the adjustments made during chiropractic care, reducing the risk of joints slipping out of alignment again.
2. Boosted Circulation Means Faster Healing:

Massage therapy boosts blood flow, which speeds up healing by nourishing tissues with more oxygen and nutrients. When combined with the structural alignment provided by chiropractic care, your body’s repair mechanisms kick into high gear.

3. All-Around Pain Relief:

Chiropractic care tackles the root causes of pain from misalignments, while massage eases the muscle tension that often accompanies or exacerbates discomfort. Together, they offer a comprehensive solution to pain that works from two angles, offering relief that’s both deep and lasting.

4. Stress Less and Relax More:

We all need a bit more stress reduction and relaxation, right? Chiropractic adjustments and massages decrease physical and mental stress, helping you feel lighter and brighter.

Be Proactive with Your Health:
Here at Hagley Road Chiropractic Clinic, we’re big believers in taking proactive steps towards better health. Integrating massage and chiropractic care into your routine not only helps with current issues but also prevents future ones by keeping your body in tip-top shape.

Combining massage therapy with chiropractic care creates a full-circle approach to health that treats you from top to toe. Interested in seeing how this dynamic duo can work for you? We’d love to chat and help you start your journey to a more integrated approach to your health.

Feel like giving it a try? Reach out today 0121 4214466, and let’s get you scheduled for a session that might just change the way you think about your health care!

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